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How Successful People Spend Monday Mornings 

All too often, Monday mornings can pass by in a flurry of unproductive activity dotted with periods of hazy reflection on a joyous weekend now forever behind us. By the time we pull ourselves together to consider a workable schedule and kick-start that can-do attitude, it’s practically Tuesday already. And, you know, that’s half the week gone.

For a more effective springboard strategy, look to the stars. The big shots of business and technology didn’t get where they are today by stumbling into the office twenty minutes late and spending their Monday mornings propping up the coffee machine. AOL chief Tim Armstrong, for example, is known for rising early to get a head-start on his week – and a 5am reveille can create the opportunity to embrace plenty of other productivity tricks, too.

Those first hours of the week may not seem the most obvious time to pin a leash on your dog and take him for a long stroll, but getting up with a couple of hours to spare means plenty of time for pooch. Dog-walking – a form of exercise espoused by Cosmo editor Joanna Coles – is a great way to lower stress levels and free up the creative mind ahead of a hard week’s work. Stepping into the office after stepping out with the dog is likely to result in a flurry of fresh ideas to keep business moving forward.

Making time to stay on top of the headlines, tone your body and soul at the gym, or clean the dishes (removing one more nagging worry from your mind) are all excellent ways to prepare for the new week. And don’t forget to fuel up: a slow, considered, healthy breakfast will set you up for the morning, the day, and the whole week ahead. Manchester United boss Alex Ferguson was famous for it – though of course he knew he had to stay powered up all the way through to Saturday afternoon.

Whatever the nature of your work, a new week brings with it new opportunities to realign your goals and reboot your attitude. Check out this insightful new infographic for a few more words from the wise on how to maximize that rudest of awakenings – and be sure to have a great week behind you once Friday comes.

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